The price of translation depends on several factors such as the type of text, its content or the urgency with which it is needed, among others. So if you would like a quotation, you can send me your document or a part of it, so that I can send you a personalized quote. Quotes are based in the amount of characters (excluding spaces) present in the original Japanese text. That way I can assure you a fixed price that is independent of the final word count in the target language. In those cases when it is not possible to automatically count characters (PDFs, faxes, printed originals), the price is calculated according to the word count in the target text.

Reference prices:

Patent application and similar documents: USD 50 per 250 translated words or 400 source characters.
Technical, scientific or commercial documents : USD 45 per 250 translated words or 400 source characters.

Available formats: doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx. html. For other formats such as Indesign, Framemaker o similar, please ask and I will attempt to find a solution to your needs.


Interpretation is charged by the day (8 hours) or half a day. The price depends on the subject and context.

Payment methods :

-From Chile: Bank account deposit, cash

– From abroad: Bank transfer, Paypal